Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some more prints...

I have been pretty wrapped up lately in my own Italian world... I love the Accademia and the freedom with which I can work. No assignments. No class hours. No deadlines. Just open studio time. And it turns out, this sort of organization works really well for me. These are my fourth and fifth prints... and I am so pleased. I love the process so much. Today I spent 7+ hours (straight) in the studio... and I turned these two prints into acquatinta prints (so that there are greyscale values). So much detail work. One is 4-tone and the other 3-tone. I didn't even realize I was hungry/tired until I walked out of the door of the studio... and then I stumbled to the nearest cafe' for an espresso... But I think that is how you can tell you really love something, when you are so wrapped up it it that hours pass like minutes and you forget to feed yourself. ;)

I am feeling really inspired by this band recently : 

.... and also by the Brothers' Grimm fairytales. I bought the collection in a bookstore for 3 euro and have been reading them before bed (let me tell you, my dreams have been a bit dark). Some of the imagery in their stories is so beautiful... I've been drawing a lot of foxes with children riding on their tails. 

I'll do an update soon with my acquatinta work. xox