Thursday, September 13, 2012

As promised... Here are some better photos of the Sculpture. I walked it all the way across Bologna!

The Paper Sculture with Legs

So usually I am a flat paper kind of gal. I do really well with graphic sort of designs... thinking of space inside a frame. My second year at university I took a course on sculpture. I wasn't so excited at the beginning, but after a bit I realized that I could challenge myself and use materials I loved but in a three dimensional way.

The first sculpture was a combination of the delicacy of tissue (sewing patterns) and how light/people affected the sculpture. I wanted the sculpture to move and undulate when people came into the room. I wanted to art to interact with the viewers.

I took this idea and rethought in Italy. I wanted something light and 'vulnerable' but also something with more or a form than my last sculpture (which was sort of jellyfish in construction).  SO. I built a frame. And then broke it. And built another frame... and broke it. AND FINALLY I built a frame from the top down that worked for me. So here are some process photos.

I took these shots at night. The really interesting part of the sculpture is the translucent quality it has when sunlight is shining through it. The cut-outs cast interesting shadows and the layered paper lets light through at different levels. So, I'll be putting up some more pictures in a few days.

A quick note about the legs: To get it to the studio in Bologna, I had to put it on my head and walk it through the streets. It was weird. But hey, I'm weird too.