Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I can kind-of smell the spring in the air...

Hello There. I am still in Bologna Italy, Still doing my thing at the accademia... Here are some reworks of pieces that I have already posted. The duchess and the Feather Man but in sepia and or course, acquatinted! Woo!  We just had a semester break so I am choosing new courses.... I am continuing with anatomia and hopefully printmaking. I do hope there is also time in my schedule for a jewelry design class! 

 Yes. So here is the Feather-haired guy in sepia. You can see the tonalities, his skin being the whitest, and the background the darkest. This is achieved by using clorofonia (Italian word, have a feeling it might by chlorophyll ) which you can melt onto the surface of the metal plate and then eat it away slowly to create varying textures/planes that distribute the ink differently.

The rest of these are just pages out of my sketchbook. Enjoy!