Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So this is what I've been doing...

And as the school year draws to a close... you'll be seeing a flood of updates! Oh yeah. Have I mentioned I'm going to Italy? Yeah. I'm going to Italy. In three weeks. For a year. WHAT. More on that later...

... and this is my little child... Well. Not so little. 40X50. Yeah.

NOTE: This is a crappy photobooth shot = a mirror image. I'll take one with a "real" camera soon! Promise!

This is probably the more appropriate response for the moment. SO MUCH TIME IN THE STUDIO. Gahah. And SO HUNGRY. Also. As you can tell I am not done yet. Forty minutes prior to me writing this (and many hours since I took this photo) I caught the last bus back from school with only an earlobe to finish. Woo!

PS: Chuck Close inspired. He's a cool guy. Look him up!

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