Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Photos (and Sewing Patterns)

So here are some more photos that I have churned out recently. I'm still working on my first roll of film, so really I need to go out and shoot another one!

And here are some works in progress...

The first is an original sketch I did. First in pencil, then I xeroxed it, and penned in some of the fine details.

The second is a xerox transfer ( For those of you interested in how it works. Lacquer Thinner is a little crazy, I've found that "green" lacquer thinner works better (in the hardware store it is labeled as the "green" alternative to Lacquer thinner). In either case, it gives you a killer headache, but the results are beautiful. Very ethereal and ghostly.  (If you want to experiment, any acetone lying around your house should work just fine. Be careful around flames though!)

PS: If you have access to a printing press, you don't have to tape the whole thing down, etc etc. Just sandwich the image between two sheet of overhead projector sheets, when you run it through the press. Otherwise, the rest of the process is the same: just paint a whole bunch of lacquer thinner onto the back of your xerox copy, sandwich, and run through press. Voila!

Does anyone have any interesting transfer processes to share with me? Always looking for something new to experiment with. Cheers!

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